At HealthTrust our goal is to provide more than competitive rates and extensive coverage options. We are committed to adding value, service, and the expertise to a very personal and valuable employee benefit. That's why we offer a wide variety of medical plan options with strong partners Anthem, CVS/caremark, Northeast Delta Dental, OnLife Health and LifeResources.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

For nearly 30 years, HealthTrust Enrollees have enjoyed an expansive Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield provider network plus worldwide recognition of the trusted Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield name. Our Members benefit from Anthem’s ability to negotiate significant provider discounts (both in and outside of New Hampshire), due to its large membership base, as well as its long-standing expertise in claims administration, medical management and excellence in customer service support.

Available benefits programs include the following:

  • Access Blue New England (HMO)
  • Matthew Thornton Blue (HMO)
  • BlueChoice Point-of-Service (POS)
  • Indemnity
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Lumenos (Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan)


CVS/caremark provides HealthTrust Members with prescription drug benefits for both short- and long-term medication needs—all in an easy to use format. The CVS/caremark and HealthTrust partnership also offers employers the security of knowing that prescription drug expenses are being controlled while ensuring the safety of plan participants.

Flexible Spending Account

My FSA Account >>At HealthTrust, we provide Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans that can offer valuable tax savings for Members’ employees while helping support employee recruitment, retention and job satisfaction.

Employees simply need to complete an enrollment form. An informational brochure will be shared which explains how the program works and features a convenient worksheet for estimating their yearly out-of-pocket reimbursable expenses. Money allocated for either the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account or Healthcare FSA is deducted from each paycheck and deposited into an FSA account with HealthTrust. Participants may then draw upon those funds as eligible expenses are incurred.

If you would like to access forms related to your FSA account, you may access them here. To learn more about our FSA program or to start offering our FSA Administration service, please contact HealthTrust at 800.527.5001 or


HealthTrust offers a variety of dental coverage plans, in collaboration with Northeast Delta Dental, which promote good oral health, preventive dental habits, and peace of mind about having access to oftentimes costly dental procedures.

All of HealthTrust’s dental plans offer:

  • Comprehensive coverage, including up to 100 percent coverage for preventive care.
  • Direct billing convenience through most New Hampshire dental offices, where enrollees are not required to pay up front when visiting a participating dentist.
  • Exceptional claims service

For more information about HealthTrust's Dental Coverage, contact us at 800.527.5001.


The primary documents provided to enrollees explaining benefits associated with dental plan coverage through HealthTrust include the Dental Plan Description and the Outline of Benefits.

The Dental Plan Description describes the conditions of coverage and benefits under the dental plans employers offer through HealthTrust. Individuals covered under a HealthTrust dental plan should review this document carefully in order to understand how to get the maximum benefit of coverage provided under the plan.

  • January Plan Year - click here 
  • July Plan Year - click here

The Outline of Benefits describes the specific benefits associated with the dental plans offered. An Outline of Benefits is provided to a plan enrollee upon their initial enrollment into the plan and upon plan updates.

Copies of the Dental Plan Description or applicable Outline of Benefits can be obtained by contacting HealthTrust Enrollee Services at 800.527.5001 or Northeast Delta Dental's Customer Service can also supply these materials and can be reached at 866.246.9041 or

Domestic Partner Riders are located below for groups offering coverage for Domestic Partners.  Individuals covered under the plan should contact their employers regarding which, if any, Domestic Partner Rider is offered.

Same Sex Domestic Partner Rider - click here 
Same Sex Domestic Partner Rider for SAU #29  - click here 
Opposite Sex Domestic Partner Rider - click here 
Same and Opposite Sex Domestic Partner Rider - click here

Vision Discount Program

Routine eye care is an important part of your overall health. That’s why HealthTrust partners with Anthem and Delta Dental to offer a vision discount program to all enrollees, retirees and their eligible family members who are enrolled in medical and/or dental plan coverage. These discounts are available at thousands of eye care providers nationwide including private practicing optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and leading optical retailers such as Target Optical, LensCrafters and Pearle Vision. Eligible HealthTrust participants can enjoy reduced fees for eye exams, contact lenses, eyeglass frames and lenses, and more.

The Anthem vision discount program includes savings of up to 30 percent off retail price for vision care services. More information regarding specific discounts and services is available at Anthem Vision Discounts. Northeast Delta Dental offers a discount program through EyeMed Vision Care that includes a schedule of benefits with varying discounts for vision care services. For more information, see Delta Dental EyeMed Discounts and/or EyeMed Vision Care Discounts.

For additional information about HealthTrust’s medical or dental plans, please contact us at 800.527.5001, or as an enrollee or Member, you can log in to our secure site.

Disability and Life

Designed with the interests of our Members and their needs in mind, HealthTrust offers the following coverage programs:


When serious illness or an accident strikes, financial considerations can extend well beyond medical coverage. Disability insurance provides valuable financial protection to help disabled members pay for day-to-day living expenses that medical insurance does not cover, such as mortgage, rent, utilities, or groceries.

Without disability income protection, even a relatively short absence from work can be financially devastating. With comprehensive coverage that encourages and supports recovery, Members covered under HealthTrust disability programs benefit from a positive focus on the employee's return to work and a productive lifestyle.

Short-Term Disability

HealthTrust's short-term disability program is self-insured and self-administered. It is managed by knowledgeable experts and designed to work seamlessly with HealthTrust's long-term disability program.

The STD plan is designed for individuals who become disabled through illness or accident while away from work and provides benefits for a 13- or 26-week period.

Short-Term Disability Coverage Documents

The primary documents explaining benefits associated with short-term disability plan coverage through HealthTrust include the Short-Term Disability Plan Summary and the Schedule of Benefits

Click here for the Short-Term Disability Plan Summary which describes the benefits, terms and conditions of the short-term disability plans offered through HealthTrust. 

The Schedule of Benefits describes the specific benefits associated with an employer’s short-term disability program and is provided directly to covered enrollees upon initial enrollment and upon plan updates.   Enrollees and Member Groups currently participating in HealthTrust’s short-term disability coverage can request copies of the Schedule of Benefits by contacting HealthTrust’s Enrollee Services at 800.527.5001 or

Individuals covered under a HealthTrust short-term disability plan should carefully review these documents in order to understand how coverage is provided under the plan.

Long-Term Disability

The long-term disability plan picks up where short-term disability leaves off or can be offered on its own. The program includes special features and exceptions that accommodate the employee, as well as the Member. Becoming disabled for longer than six months can have serious financial implications for any individual or family. While some Members can tap into their savings to get by without working, few people can afford to stop working altogether for an extended period of time.

To learn how to receive a life insurance, short-term disability or long-term disability proposal from HealthTrust, please download a PDF of our Your Life and Disability Insurance brochure. For more information about HealthTrust’s Disability and Life coverage, contact us at 800.527.5001.


Life insurance means different things to different people. Depending upon a Member's age and lifestyle, it can either be taken for granted, or considered a critical provision for a family's financial security. For an employer, it is a valuable and relatively inexpensive benefit for attracting and retaining employees.

HealthTrust's life insurance programs offer customizable benefit levels with comprehensive coverage. As with all HealthTrust benefit offerings, life insurance programs are backed up with outstanding customer support and a commitment to service excellence.

Prescription Drug Program

CVS/caremark provides HealthTrust Members with prescription drug benefits for both short and long-term medication needs, all in an easy to use format. With CVS/caremark, HealthTrust Members are part of one of the largest, most comprehensive coverage networks.

The CVS/caremark and HealthTrust partnership also offers employers the security of knowing that prescription drug expenses are being controlled while ensuring the safety of plan participants.

For more information about Prescription Drug coverage at HealthTrust, call 800.527.5001.